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Foreign students are welcome in Canada because they make the best immigrants.

Foreign students are economically similar to Canada’s exports of cars, planes, and lumber.

While international students are a great benefit to Canada, the procedure of getting a student permit (visa) is not simple.

The decision of an immigration officer who reviews applications is based on the presumption that the student will return to their country of origin after graduation, even though Canada offers opportunities for foreign students to permanently reside in Canada. A student permit is a temporary residence visa.

Numerous variables are taken into consideration by the embassy when deciding whether to grant a student visa, including the student’s age, financial capacity to support their studies, whether they are registered alone or with their family, and a number of others.

All of the requirements for student visa acceptance must be taken into account since if you do not have the required paperwork, your application may not be approved. If you carefully and precisely compile your documentation, your chances of success are almost 100%.


Registered in a full-time program at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

 Ensure you have enough funds/bank balance to care for yourself and your dependents in Canada.

 Have a valid passport

 Be admissible to Canada

In addition, there may be other requirements based on your nationality that you need to fulfill.

 A police/legal department clearance certificate from your country of origin.

 You may ask to take a medical exam and provide health proof.

 You must provide English language proficiency proof.

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