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Many people from all areas of life throughout the world view Canada as their ideal destination. Each year, thousands of immigrants arrive in Canada, adding to its population, economy, and social structure with their unique knowledge, skills, and cultural backgrounds. Many of these immigrants are business-minded and skilled. If you’re an immigrant who wants to launch a small business in Canada, there are numerous alternatives available to you.

You are able to apply as a business immigrant under the nation’s immigration policy. This is the sole route for immigrants in Canada to establish a business and obtain citizenship.

In Canada, there are two categories of business immigrants. Entrepreneurial business immigrants and those seeking employment as independent contractors. While the first criteria mainly applies to established business owners who simply wish to increase their presence on Canadian territory, it is considerably simpler to start a job as a self-employed person in Canada.


Immigrant Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor Program seeks to entice seasoned business investors to relocate to Canada in order to foster long-term potential for business development and job creation. Potential applicants must demonstrate the following in order to be eligible for the program:
possess the necessary business expertise
Display a CAD $1,600,000 net worth that was amassed legally.
Put in 800,000 CAD
Within the five-year term, you will receive your entire investment back, interest-free. The IRCC will use the money for a period of five years to expand the regional economy and generate jobs at the provincial and federal levels.

Start-Up Visa Program

For more than ten years, new firms have played a significant role in the Canadian economy. They are regarded as crucial to the overall growth of the Canadian economy, helping to transform novel concepts and cutting-edge technologies into successful businesses and opening doors for new talent. This is true regardless of whether they grow into multinational corporations or continue to operate as regional mid-sized businesses.Immigrant entrepreneurs with the potential to establish a company in Canada based on a novel concept or cutting-edge technology are eligible for the Start-up Visa program.The company must fulfill the following criteria in order to apply for the Start-up Visa Program:
be founded on a cutting-edge concept or technology.
have received confirmation from a third party that I want to invest $75,000 CAD.
Confirmed investment intent of at least $200,000 CAD from a venture capital fund

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